We see you <3

 There is so much going on in the world...so much. And it can lead us to lean on such uncertainty. Please lift your heads and remain resilient - we are in this together. 

 It seems as though there will be no turn around, and things won’t get better. Why would we think otherwise when time has gone on, and yet we still find ourselves here. I get it, and it's not fair. 

 This is why, as a small business, as well as being a "Black Owned Company", we are doing all we can by any means necessary to contribute to making even the slightest change in ending police brutality and a poor justice system so we can come to see a day where we can truly say all lives matter! 

 At this phase in the world, once this temporary trial passes, we want to continue to give and give and give even when we may not receive - because that is what making a difference means to us. In the smallest ways and the biggest shapes, we want to do it and we WILL. 

 We are proud to say that with all $10 donations contributed through our online business, we are supporting Black Visions Collective to make the change they envisioned back in 2017 to today, and the future. We are excited to see where this takes us through this storm, and rest assured, there is a calming coming! 

 Although fear may invade our hearts, and anger may run through our veins, always allow love to prevail.


Paige S.