A pleasant, descriptive moment on what TGP truly is <3

Okay, so what exactly is The Gem Palette?

 In creating TGP, I wanted to make sure that I discovered a name that would fit my mission to a T. Using the word “Gem” and “Palette” was vital, because I knew I did not want to stick to serving one thing. I enjoy an array of things when it comes to beauty, lifestyle, luxury and wellness - I wanted to deliver exactly that. My goal is to give the best of the best. The any and everything that allows young women and older women… women in general to attain and maintain their dream lives. That’s my motto.

Palette can also refer to a collection or range of colors or techniques.

I chose The Gem Palette because it describes the range of gems (a precious or semiprecious stone/thing) offered, that can easily heighten a person’s vibration luxuriously, magnetizing proper self-love and care.

 I am invested and passionate about empowering women who desires to be empowered and who are ready to truly live their best lives, in the event to put the work in to achieve just that, without excuse.

 The Gem Palette is the destination, the abode, of all things that gracefully enforces, the aptitude in attracting the dream life she deserves.

 Everything that is offered at TGP, has been used by the CEO for quite some time and or tested, and approved by real professionals before selling.

 TGP is all about giving basked feels, so you are instantly heavenly luxuriated while browsing. With or without a purchase – you want to be a part of our community.